Sunday, May 19, 2013

Love Out of Lust

"Love Out of Lust" - Lykke Li

Here's another late post. 
I got this top at thrift shop for $2.50. The shorts are old news. They were $4? And the sandals were free thanks to my awesome friend Alexis. ^_^

Hmm... I want to dye my hair RED. 

Breathe Me

"Breathe Me" - Sia

It's finals week. >_< It's the end of the year and I have Summer Fever! Also, Fanime is is in 5 days. I just got to get past this week..

Anyway, this outfit was from earlier this month. I just had no time to post them. My love bought me this cool Metal Cat shirt from Forever 21 for like $18 and I'm wearing my favorite acid wash jeans with my electric blue converse from high school.

Of course I had to take this picture with my famous cat. He inspired this look. ^_^ Anywho! Enjoy!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Safe and Sound

"Safe and Sound" - Capital Cities

Cotton and pleather top - Marshall's $14.99
Shorts - Forever 21
Bow tights - Marshall's $1
(I sadly ripped these tights at dinner. :( )
Boots - Goodwill -$5
Betsey Johnson Necklace - Free! Alexis gave it to me :)
(Her ex gave to her and she didn't like it)