Monday, September 22, 2014

A Certain Romance

This is an outfit I wore to a date my love took me out to! We went to the city and took me out to a lake where he took me on a paddle boat ride. :) he asked me to be his girlfriend that day. 

Anyway! This is a thrifted dress that has been altered. I'm also wearing long socks and crocheted Oxford shoes from Marshall's. I need more shoes! 

A Certain Romance - Artic Monkeys

Fall is here! Almost!

I always forget to post my
#ootds! I wore this outfit on my 23rd. 
I got the red fedora and acid wash shorts from Forever 21 and the top for $7 at Platos closet. I'll forever be a commoner who shops at thrift shops! Ahaha

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Love Out of Lust

"Love Out of Lust" - Lykke Li

Here's another late post. 
I got this top at thrift shop for $2.50. The shorts are old news. They were $4? And the sandals were free thanks to my awesome friend Alexis. ^_^

Hmm... I want to dye my hair RED.